The success of a school is often defined by the success of it’s produce.

Welcome to the Bethany Past Students Association (BPSA). The BPSA is a community which collectively represents the school outside it’s premises, in professional work and social life. The members of this association are often referred to as ‘The BethKnights’. The term BethKnights was derived from the Knights in England that displayed tenacity and ferocity in battle but at the same time wore the highest respect in the core values and loyalty to their country. Our Knights at Bethany come with similar traits that compromise on nothing but the best.

Bethany Alumni
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We’re ecstatic to say on behalf of the BPSA that over 10,000 graduates from the Bethany institutions have found great purpose and meaning in life spreading across both professional and personal growth. Every year we’re excited to welcome back many of our own that come to tell us how Bethany has blessed their lives. We are also excited to run this unit in a manner that’s dedicated to keeping the true essence of the school alive beyond just its physical boundaries.

Our goal with this association is to tap into the knowledge base of our alumni so that they may use their talents to inspire a new generation of upcoming stars. We strive to provide the highest standards of support and mentorship to the current students of the school by organizing guest lectures, tutors or even provide scholarships, internships, and job opportunities. Our association works towards the alumni creating and expanding community partnerships to better the academics and social upbringing of all the students at Bethany.

The Bethany Past Students Association is currently headed by Mrs. Harpreet Kaur an alumnus from the batch of 2000. Harpreet is supported by a strong team of over 15 individuals who work together in helping keep the spirit of Bethany alive. They host a wide variety of activities during the year to keep the engagement from the alumni community consistent and strong. On the 25th of Jan every year, the committee gets together to host one of the biggest events held at Bethany that has the biggest turnout of Alumnis. So save the date and join in to meet your favorite teachers and friends.

Our community has only been growing each year with dedicated individuals joining the cause to give back to our Alma Mater. Come join this amazing community that is set out to conquer the world through their tenacity and values.

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