Bethany Educational Institutions


Every child is uniquely wired and gifted at Art. Art education helps a child to enhance and develop their imaginative and creative ideas, visual thinking, observation skills, expressions, problem solving and analytical skills and build up their confidence and self esteem. Art helps the child's mind to relax and calm down.

In Bethany we gauge a child to identify their talents and also guide them to hone their skills and prepare them for a future with self confidence and direction. Art is a 3rd group subject which includes still life study, nature study, tye and dye etc. Through this subjects they will get a clear idea about light, shade, shadow, texture, different colour mediums, perspectives etc.

We follow the actual Fine Arts syllabus. There is no theory just practicals so there is no pressure on students. If you integrate Art into a child's academics , your child can derive additional benefits. Even if a parent feels their child doesn't have the necessary skills, but is passionate towards Art, it is a skill that can always be learnt.

There is a wide spectrum of industries where art is used such as animation, advertising, interior design, fashion design, concept artist, graphic artist, art director and much more .

India being one of the fastest growing economy is poised to grow at a stable rate promising a bright future in this career path. Today, children can pursue their passion and make a successful living out of it. The Art department is headed by Mrs. Kavitha Prabhan with a strong team of over 6 professional art teachers who ensure that students have the best at creativity and learning.