Bethany High has an in house clinical psychologist who assesses students referred to her by the special educators, teachers or parents. Bethany follows a strict protocol of screening students who are unable to perform in accordance with their potential or face learning challenges in the classroom before they are finally referred for a formal assessment. The psychologist uses standardized tools with Indian norms. Indian norms refer to the fact that the tests are culture-fair to Indian children and have been standardized based on Indian population.

Having an in house formal assessment done is offered as an option to parents who may explore other options outside. However, most parents prefer to do it within school as the waiting period is less and assessment is done within school hours at a subsidized rate compared to commercial charges.

The clinical psychologist's assessment guides the special educators, teachers and parents on what best can be done to cater to a student's unique needs. The formal assessment also determines the requirement of a student to attend the Learning Lab/LEAP - the two integrated support programmes that Bethany offers to students with learning or academic challenges.