Bethany Educational Institutions


We motivate our children to be informative, ingenious, inquisitive and innovative to acquire more In-depth knowledge! We encourage the students under our care to ask questions and have an insatiable appetite for reading. We religiously follow Howard Gardner’s philosophy and cater to their Multiple Intelligences.

"STAY home, STAY safe" is the tagline of the day.

During this time of uncertainty, we have embraced the challenges and have altered the traditional teaching - learning methods. We have reached out to our students through online classes and engaged them in various activities like debate, singing, art, assemblies, PE challenges. We are looking forward with hope to a bright future trusting God who holds our hands.

Important Events


Assemblies & Competitions

Valedictory & Baccalaureate

ICSE Subjects Offered

Group 1: English Language, English Literature, II Language (Kannada / Hindi / French), History & Civics, Geography

Group 2: Mathematics/Economics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) / Commercial Studies

Group 3: Art / Computer Application / Drama / Physical Education / Western Music