The Bethany Junior College as it stands, a structure, at a slight distance from the rest of the school embodies the values and goals that it envisions for the ‘young adults’ straight out of High School and on the brink of Adulthood.

This is how the Junior college sees its role for these youngsters:

  1. To support and yet not to impose a value system that, provides guidance without stifling the enthusiasm and zest of a group that is raring to go!
  2. To create space and opportunities for the various talents among the teenagers while catering to the requirements of a competitive ISC curriculum.
  3. Prepare students for the world outside the classroom by organising interfaces with professionals, organising educational visits and participating in Inter College events.
  4. The joy and equal opportunity to participate volunteer and even initiate events involving the entire school: The School Carnival, The School Musical and Talent Expos, to name a few.
  5. Encourage and accommodate students seriously pursuing careers in Sports , the Fine Arts and so on by providing them a chance to- simultaneously explore various possibilities.