The Middle School Department is a nurturing ground for the students in Classes 6 & 7. An interesting age bracket, where the children are no longer Primary kids, but are on a fast pace to imitate their seniors. The Middle School department, spearheaded by Mrs. Ashima Kalra and her team of committed and motivated teachers, tirelessly cater to the academic and emotional needs of these students, as they find their moorings and discover their individuality.

The constant buzz around the department is created by the various Clubs, Literary and co-curricular activities, athletic and games competitions, Assembly practices, Senior choir rehearsals and much more. The Middle School department is where the children realise a lot of their potential strengths, and are recognized and as they blossom individually.

Regular academic assessments are carried out and quality ensured through regular departmental meetings with the Principal and academic consultants. For the children who need additional support, the School has excellent systems in place like the LEAP (Learning Enrichment Achievement Programme) and the Learning Lab, to ensure that no child is left behind.