Situated just across the road from the Bethany High main school building, the Pre-Primary Department is a safe haven for the youngest of the Bethanites. Our aim is to equip our children with skills that will nurture each child’s uniqueness, helping them carve a niche for themselves.
Classes: The Pre-Primary Department comprises of the Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Junior 1, and Standard 1 classes with over 600 children in our care. To ensure the holistic development of the child, we follow the tenets of multiple intelligence where we have specialized teachers to handle specific subjects. Classrooms are bustling with conversation classes, projects, reading, and activities galore. Children participate in individual as well as group activities.

Additional Classes: The Learning Lab caters to the needs of those children who need a little extra help in specific areas. Apart from this, we have an enrichment program called ‘FASTRACK’, which focuses on personality development.

Events: Throughout the academic year, we have multifarious and innovative conceptualized events that are public invited functions, like the Rhyme Time, Collage Exhibition, Grandparents’ Day, Talent’s Day, Quiz Competition and daily Class assemblies that boost the confidence of students and to make learning fun.

Our goal is that the children will have firm foundations with robust roots – that will enable them to spread their wings wide in flight towards their own personal higher missions.