At Bethany learning is all about encouragement, experiences, hands-on activities and discoveries. We believe that all children are equally gifted and academics alone isn’t a measurement that determines a child’s true potential and worth. We also believe in constant encouragement to bring out the best in a child’s precious gift from God.

While Bethany encourages and hosts a vast array of co-curricular activities, we also ensure that each student has the best of support in their academic success. We’re constantly improving our support system from the incorporation of a Learning Lab to an in-house clinical psychologist. Bethany places the development of a child at their top most priority and ensures that your child has everything from a great facility to study in and also have the liberty to approach a teacher or the management for any further help.

Bethany practices an open door policy for all its staff and students, which means that children can walk into the teachers, principals or the director’s office at any given time to express his or her concerns. Bethany is blessed to have a management that are innovative in thought and ideas. Everything from new and modern methods of teaching are evaluated and implemented for the student’s benefits and development.

Teachers are encouraged to break monotony in style of teaching, observe the attention captivity of the students and evolve to trending methods according to their evaluation.We also constantly observe the interests of students and work towards inducting more programs into the school curriculum to facilitate discovery of a child’s ambitions in life. Our methods of observations, learnings, adaptation and evolution have proven to bring out the best for our students over the last 55 years of excellence in education.