Bethany High Sarjapur is an ICSE school, on Sarjapur Road, only 4 km away from the numerous residential complexes and 5km from the bustling IT campuses. The sprawling, serene campus boasts of 2 sports fields, 1000+ seater Auditorium, an open-air Café with quaint gazebos, music rooms, science laboratories, children play areas and much more – a perfect environment conducive for learning and overall development of our students.

Established in 2013, Bethany High Sarjapur draws extensively from the legacy of Bethany Institutions that spans over 57 stellar years of being one of the best schools in Bangalore that has a penchant to balance academics and co-curricular activities. We are committed to quality, holistic education by focusing on the development of the student academically, socially, physically and emotionally. Affiliated to the ICSE Board, the School had its first batch of 10th Graders write their Board exams, in March 2020!

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Sarjapur Primary Kids

A comprehensive curriculum designed by educational consultants and the teachers, provide fun yet foundational learning methods, for the all-round development of the child. Free thinking, emotional intelligence, fine motor skills, sensory development as well creativity, are encouraged and developed through the syllabi.

The Reading Programme is offered to students from Std I-V, to inculcate the love of reading in every child, an essential in today’s gadget driven generation. At Bethany we believe that the natural ability of every child should be honed and nurtured. Ample opportunities are provided to students through the various events we have planned through the academic year.

At Bethany we believe that the natural ability of every child should be honed and nurtured. Ample opportunities are provided to students through the various events we have planned through the academic year.

Our Sports Day is a vibrant celebration of our children’s physical and athletic abilities. The students put up varied and colourful displays as part of the diverse and eye-catching PE drills. The Bethany Sarjapur Band comprises of students who have been trained in- house and they are an integral part of the March Past of the four houses.

The Rhyme and Rhythm and the Annual Day are events that encourage our students to express their cultural skills and talents. Every child has a role to play on the stage and that is what makes these cultural extravaganzas a highlight at Bethany. Show & Tell, Colour Days, Special Assemblies, Talent Day, Ethnic Day among others also widen our children’s awareness and open their eyes to the world around them.

The Activity Room is open to the Pre-nursery, Nursery and Junior 1 students. Their fine motor skills, eye- hand coordination and sensory skills are honed by the various puzzles, blocks, puppets, beading and lacing activities that they take part in.

Sarjapur Playground
Sarjapur Library

Inter-house competitions in sports and literary activities are held from Std II-X and provide a platform for our children to showcase their inherent abilities. We offer music, literary activities, dance and fine art as part of the club activities to the middle school. Bethany High Sarjapur also participates in inter-school competitions and several of our students have won laurels at these events.

All students are taken on a field trip to a place of educational interest and for the Annual Picnic which is a time of fun and laughter. The cafeteria and tuck shop provide healthy options for lunch and breakfast as well as snacks at very nominal rates to the students and it is an optional facility. We also engage our students in various co-curricular activities ranging from Abacus, dance, physical education, music, dance, art, reading and conversation skills.

BETHANY HIGH CARNIVAL @ Bethany High, Sarjapur! The bi-annual Bethany Carnival boasts of 2 days of high energy music, kaleidoscopic costumes, lip-smacking food, karaoke booths, mind-skill games, rides, variety entertainment from students & teachers and of course the spontaneous community dance-offs!

And Bethany Sarjapur’s sprawling campus is the perfect venue for this ultimate family entertainment destination! The Causes behind the Carnival are to raise awareness and funds towards the Bethany Special School, the Bethany High Staff and Students’ Welfare Fund and The Helpers’ Fund!

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There is something always happening at Bethany Sarjapur. Both our students and teachers are full of energy and are always looking to excel in all aspects of learning, fun and education. Come dive in with us to see how our academics and co-curricular activities are impacting a new generation of young Indians that are equipped to change the world.

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