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FAQs Science And Computers – Bethany ISC

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Here is a list of FAQs compiled for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths that are offered at Bethany Junior College.

Q. Is the ISC science syllabus the same as CBSE?

A: Yes ISC follows the unified syllabus offered by NCERT. However, at the ISC level, the subject presentation is more in-depth when compared to the other boards

Q. Is there a second language apart from English?

A: No. English is the only language that is taught so that they can concentrate on their core subjects.

Q: How many subjects should a student study for ISC?

A: English+ Minimum 4 core subjects.

The options available are:

  1. PCMB, 
  2. PCMComp sc,
  3. PCMEconomics,
  4. PCMPhysical Ed,
  5. PCBHomeSc.

PCBHomeSc is advantageous to those students who wish to write NEET(Medical Entrance)

Q. Where can we get the full details of ISC  rules regulations and syllabus?                            

A    www.cisce.org.

Q. Is it difficult to score high marks in ISC when compared to CBSE?

A: It is easy to score high marks in science subjects because the exam difficulty level is moderate.

 ISC board is student-friendly and our students have scored centum in all science subjects.

Q. Is the practical exam internal or external?

A:  The Practical exam is external.

The Board conducts the practical exam for Physics Chemistry and Biology for 15 marks and the project mark is also given by an external examiner.

They have no viva for the project.

Q. How is the aggregate calculated for the ISC board examination?

A: English + best of three from the four core subjects.

Eg: In the PCMB combination marks are taken from English + best three of PCMB.

Q: Can a subject that is dropped in ISC be pursued later in graduate courses?

A: NO.

If a student takes up PCBHomeSC in ISC, he/she cannot take up Math in graduate courses nor are they eligible to take up engineering courses.

Q. Can a student opt for Commerce/ Humanities after ISC science?

A: YES. For the degree course, a student can opt for Commerce/Humanities after doing Science at the ISC level.

Q. Does the school offer coaching for entrance exams?

A: NO. Only the syllabus pertaining to ISC is taught. However, the subjects are dealt with in great depth.

Q. Can the students manage coaching classes and the ISC course?

A: There have been quite a few students who have taken up external entrance coaching along with the ISC course but still managed to get very good All India Ranking and state ranking. This requires good discipline from the students with regard to class performance in terms of attentiveness in class, timely submission of homework and diligence in tests conducted by the school.

Q. Will JEE Mains held in January clash with school exams?

A: Care is taken by the department to see that the exam time table does not clash with the entrance exam dates. 

Q. How is the question paper pattern for science subjects?

A: The paper for Physics, Chemistry, Biology is divided as follows:            

70 marks- Theory paper; 30 marks- Practical paper.

Practical—- Out of 30 marks 15( Project and record) 15 marks–practical exam conducted in the laboratory.

Students have lab classes, on a weekly basis, in all the science subjects and they are well trained for  Practical exams. External examiners are deputed by the council to monitor and assess the performance of the students during the practical exams.

Q: Career Options for science subjects.A: Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Veterinary Sciences, Pharmacy.

  • Masters and Ph.D. in premier institutes.
  • ISC offers per annum scholarship of RS.80000 for the top 1% of students who pursue a  graduate course in pure science.
  • Biotechnology, food technology, Astrophysics,
  • R&D in pharma companies and MNCs. Applied Math,
  • Mathematical modeling is some of the many fields that are wide open for science graduates.
  • Science students can also pursue integrated courses in institutes like IISC IISER(Pune), ISI.
  • Azim Premji University offers four year BSc.BEd course.
  • ASHOKA University offers pure science courses too.    


The two-year course of  ISC BIOLOGY will enable the students to acquire knowledge and to develop an understanding of biological terms, concepts, facts, principles, and applications.

The course also helps the students to develop experimental skills required in Biology practical work, to create awareness about the problems of the environment and the manner in which these problems can be overcome.

It also enhances the student’s ability to appreciate biological phenomena in nature and contribution of Biology to human welfare,

The students will be made to develop an interest in plants and animals in their perspective environments.

An awareness of the fundamentals of human biology, food, health, nutrition, and population control will also be created in the students

What is the pattern of the examination?

There will be two papers in the subject for standard 11th and 12th 

Paper 1: Theory 3 hrs. – 70 marks      

Paper 2: Practical 3hrs – 15 marks                                                                                  

Project work- 10 Marks                                                                                  

Practical File– 5 Marks

Career Options in Biology  

  • Research scientist.  /pure science- research                                                                                   
  • Pharmacologist.
  • Medicine./doctor
  • Ecologist.
  • Nature conservation officer.
  • Biotechnologist.
  • Forensic scientist.
  • Government agency roles. Biochemists and Biophysicists.
  • Bioinformatics Scientists.
  • Biomedical Engineers.
  • Genetic Counsellors.
  • Microbiologists. …
  • Biological Science Teachers.
  • Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists.
  • Microbiologist


Q: What is the question paper pattern for Mathematics?

A: Theory—-80 marks. The division of these 80 marks is as follows:

Section A( compulsory)–65 marks. 

Section B or Section C (optional)—15 marks.

Section B deals with vector & 3D ——(-for engineering courses and pure  sciences courses.)

Section C is Commerce and Economics oriented.

Project—20 marks that have been introduced in the current academic year.


Q. Is Math the same for Commerce and Science students?

A: YES. 

Commerce students do not have Basic or Business Math. Commerce and Science students have to follow the same study material.

The syllabus is the same for both the streams (Commerce and Science).

Q. What are the advantages of taking Math with Commerce?

A: Many options are open in the graduate courses:

Students can take up BSc with Comp Sc, Math, Statistics,  Math, Economics, Statistics

Professional courses like C.A, ICWA, will seem easier for students with a math background.

Q. Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are unlimited for those who major in Mathematics. They may pursue graduate education, career paths in business, science, or technical fields or disciplines such as social services, education, and government.

Some of the occupations that mathematics majors enter include:

  • accountant
  • computer programmer
  • engineering – all fields
  • investment manager
  • government research and laboratories
  • theoretical mathematician
  • mathematician
  • numerical analyst
  • statistician
  • teacher
  • market researcher
  • systems analyst 


1. If a student has not taken Computer Applications in ICSE (X std), can they still choose this subject?

Ans: Yes, a student can choose this subject.

2. What is the syllabus of Computer Science in XI and XII std?

Ans: Syllabus covers Basic Java Programming to Advance level of Java programming like(Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures). This syllabus gives a deep level of Coding knowledge.

3. Does a student require any extra coaching, if a student has not taken Computer Application in Xth std. ?

Ans: No, it does require at all. Computer Dept headed by Mr. Pankaj Kumar Choudhary and his team will take care of everything which is required to learn Java Programming.

4. Can  Commerce students opt for this subject? What are its benefits in professional careers?

Ans: Computer Science is offered mainly to Science group students. Choosing this subject helps them in their professional career like Computer Engineering, BCA, or MCA.


1. What do students learn in Home Science?

 a.  Nutrition:  Leading to careers in catering, dietician, a nutritionist in( NGOs, hospitals, or special catering outlets for health and fitness.) Health and fitness in journalism etc. In the food technology industry for science students, as chefs, bakers. Food science etc

b. TextilesCAREERS can be a resource manager in the fashion industry, fashion designer, stylist, printing, options in further studies in design technology. Designer of accessories etc.

c. Home management: suited for the hotel industry, hospitality, tourism, aviation, etc.

 d. Human development: CAREERS

 To work with children, special needs people, geriatrics.

  As Psychologists for science students, psychoanalyst, apart from NGOs.

2. What are the skills taught in Home Science?

  • Techniques and methods of cooking
  • Management of Agriculture Produce (Storage and Preservation)
  • Meal Planning for the family
  • Resource Management
  • Table setting/ packing food /picnic hamper.
  • Flower arrangement/ hall/ floor decoration 

3. What is the exam pattern?

  • The question paper pattern consists of 70 marks for theory
  • 30 marks for practical examination.  which includes project work and cookery 







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