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FAQs General English – Bethany ISC

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1. What are the components of General English in ISC?

Ans. English I (English Language) and English II (English Literature).

2. What is the mark allotment for English I and English II?

Ans. Each paper has a theory component of 80 marks and a practical part of 20 marks. The practical marks will be an internal assessment in the form of a project.

3. What is the time limit for each of the exams (80 marks)?

Ans. The time for both English I & II will be 3 hours each.

4. What does the internal project of English I test students on?

Ans. The project of English I will test students on their listening, speaking, and writing skills. The students will be given time to prepare for the same. 

5. What is the structure of the English I, Paper?

Ans. There are four questions.

Question 1

Essay Writing – Descriptive, Narrative, Expository, Reflective, Argumentative, or Short Story. The students would have to attempt any one of the essay questions. To be written in 450 – 500 words worth 20 marks

Question 2 a

Directed Writing – (article writing/book review/film review/cultural review/speech writing/report writing/personal profile/statement of purpose)

Anyone of these reports will be given with guidelines – 15 marks

Question 2 b

Proposal Writing – student has to write a proposal based on a given situation. 10 marks

Question 3


Fill in the blanks with the written word, Transformation of sentences, and Fill in the blanks with the right form of the word. – 15 marks

Question 4

Comprehension – Read an unseen passage and answer the questions related to vocabulary and comprehension analysis questions and a precis writing – 20 marks

6. What are the books prescribed for English II?

Ans. There are three books prescribed by the ISC Board. They are:

  • Drama: The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
  • Prose: Echoes – A Collection of ISC Short Stories
  • Poetry: Reverie – A Collection of ISC Poems

7. What does the internal project of English II test students on?

Ans. Students will be required to write an assignment in 1000 – 1500 words on either drama, short story, or poetry covered during the year. The project is for a total of 20 marks and will test the students on an understanding of the topic and analysis of the chosen subject.

8. What is the structure of the English II paper?

Ans. Students will be required to answer five questions as follows: One textual question (compulsory) on the Shakespeare play, together with four other questions on the three texts.

Question 1 is compulsory carrying 20 Marks and the four other questions, each carrying 15 Marks.

The textual question, which will be set on the Shakespeare play, will contain three short passages, and candidates will be required to answer questions set on two of the passages.

These questions may require students to explain words and phrases, to rewrite passages in modern English, or to relate an extract to work as a whole. The rest of the questions on the Shakespeare play and on the other prescribed texts will be set on the episodes, the plot, themes or ideas, characters, relationship, and other prominent literary qualities of the texts prescribed.

9. Will scoring a good percentage in Std 10 English, result in an upper hand for Std XI & XII English?

Ans. General English in ISC is very comprehensive and requires the student to practice what is taught in class diligently. It should not be taken lightly as it is a compulsory subject and can enhance one’s overall percentage to a great extent.

10. Will online sources like Sparknotes and Cliffsnotes be of help if one misses an English class?

AnsNo. The ISC Board has suggested certain books that have the appropriate language needed to write answers. Refer to the workbooks suggested while being regular and attentive in-class participation. What is learned in class helps a student to write the best answers in English.

11. What comes to study in General English?

General English

General English at the ISC level consists of two papers (Paper I & II)

Paper I is based on the English Language, aiming to develop the ability of the student to use the English language for the purpose of the study and also to have social and cultural interactions.

Paper-II is based on English Literature. (prescribed texts. Drama, Poetry, and Prose)

Through the study of literature, students should develop the power of expression and acquire a sense of aesthetic values. They should also be able to inculcate an interest in the thought and culture of the peoples of the world.

12. What are the career options for me if I choose English as my main subject?

Ans. There are several options for those who wish to choose English as a mainstream subject. It can range from social media manager, technical writer, public relations specialist, lawyer, grant writers, librarian, editor and content manager, human resources specialist, the teacher for English as a second language/foreign language, journalist, fundraiser, scriptwriter, author, linguist, a researcher in English studies, freelance writer, announcers or emcees, interpreter and translator, paralegal, advertising, copywriter, marketing, sales, SEO Specialist, customer service representative, editorial assistant.