Bethany Professional Childcare

Bethany Professional Childcare is located in a quiet neighbourhood in First Block Koramangala. BPC as we are known is housed in a spacious villa and has been standing proud for 10 years now. BPC is one of the many feeder schools, which form an integral part of the Bethany Institutions. The school has four Pre Nursery classrooms and can accommodate fifteen children per class. We ensure that the class strength does not exceed this number. The children who come here spend a year here before graduating to the “Big School” which is the Pre Primary Department opposite the Koramangala police station.

The next three classes which are the Nursery, Junior One and Standard One are completed in the Pre Primary Department after which they move to the main school which is the Bethany High Koramangala. The curriculum followed by Pre Nursery children is identical across the Bethany Institutions. But because of the smaller classroom numbers it allows the teachers to be a little more ambitious when it comes to the variety and complexity in activities. The little ones learn Literacy, Numeracy and Our World (EVS). Apart from these core subjects the children enjoy music and Rhythm and Movement twice a week. Activities are a blend of the traditional play way and Montessori method. At the end of the year the child’s confidence levels are certainly a sight to behold.

The year sees an activity packed schedule, which includes field trips and weekly visits to the park. Parent involvement is BPC’s forte; parents are roped in to do class activities and bulletin boards. A partnership we cherish. Come, let’s learn, play and grow together.